Meeting Barbara Boxer

June 13, 2016:  This evening, Dusty, Jean and I decided to go to the Santa Rosa Copperfield’s Book Store event to see Barbara Boxer talk about her book The Art of Tough: Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life. Prior to the event we went to Monti’s Rotisserie and Bar for dinner when Barbara Boxer and her husband and a friend came in and sat near us. Of course, I went over and introduced myself, thanked her for all she’s done, and mentioned the book I’m writing about Dusty. After their dinner she stopped and chatted with us for a while before her speech and enjoyed learning about Dusty’s achievements as a lobbyist to Congress and was impressed to hear about Dusty being the first in the country to file a discrimination complaint with the EEOC. She was also gracious enough to say she looks forward to reading my book when it is published. She was genuinely nice and it was such a pleasure to meet her. Here she is signing Dusty’s book:
Barbara Boxer

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